Antonio Ferraioli Privacy Policy & GDPR and CCPA Compliance

General information

Your privacy is very important to Antonio Ferraioli. This Privacy Policy was authored to inform you about how any data personally related to you (“Personal Information”) are collected, used and stored by Antonio Ferraioli. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know writing to

This Privacy Policy covers Antonio Ferraioli’s apps, as well as the website and web services. Any information, personal or not, that is collected serves the purpose of providing and improving these services as well as providing support. Antonio Ferraioli will only collect, use, and store your Personal Information in a secure manner in order to ensure confidentiality. Your Personal Information will never be shared with other parties without your prior consent, and unless it is required in order to provide these services to you. We may also be liable to share your Personal Information to comply with the law or protect our rights.

Furthermore, you have the right to be informed, upon request, about the Personal Information that have been collected from you and stored, as well as its source, and the purpose of its storage. In addition, you have the right to have such Personal Information amended or deleted; in the latter case, however, We may have to cancel the services, if they are connected to that piece of information.


Personal Information is data which relates to a specific identifiable person.

Non-personal Information is data that does not relate to a specific person.

Combined personal and non-personal information is information that will be treated as Personal Information for as long as it remains combined.

Service Partners are entities other than Antonio Ferraioli that provide services to Antonio Ferraioli that contribute to the operation and improvement of Antonio Ferraioli's apps, website and web services.

Game Database is the server database that stores the information needed to Antonio Ferraioli''s app to work, and to provide leaderboards and online games (data stored on this database is private, encrypted and never shared with anyone).

Antonio Ferraioli’s website

Our website contains the landing pages introducing Antonio Ferraioli's apps.

Our website does not track information at all—no cookies, no analytics, no personal or non-personal information are collected there.

The website is hosted by a Service Partner named Heroku (see the Service Partners section for details about Heroku).

Antonio Ferraioli's apps – Scala40, Ramino, Machiavelli, Pinnacola
(and all future card games developed by Antonio Ferraioli)

Upon activation of the apps, as a technical requirement to run the service, the following Non-personal Information will be collected:

This information is collected using the Firebase Service Provider (see the Service Partners section for details about Firebase).

When playing the app web services (hosted on, the following are collected:

This information is collected in our database (none allows us to know your identity or your geographical location), and is stored on a secured Game Database. Upon request, we can provide an export (and even remove) your information from this Game Database (just write to

When using the free version of the apps, advertisements will be shown to you. Advertisements are displayed using the AdMob Mediation Services provided by Google.

(See the Service Partner section for more details about Google AdMob.) Your Personal Information aren't shared with Google (or other Mediated Ad providers), but we just ask them to provide ads without passing additional information.

By contacting us directly from the app

you will send us an email, which contains your email address, any personal information you will directly add to the email (i.e. your name and family name), and a few attachments:

From this email attachment we will be able to know your Apple Game Center Player ID and your Apple Game Center Alias (included in the setting attachment). With this information, we will be able to export and even delete your information from the Game Database.

All emails and attachments are stored on our office (secured) computer and kept just for two months, after which they are deleted. On some cases, if your support request requires longer processing times, We will have to keep you emails and attachments for longer. You can always ask us to delete all your emails and to provide a copy of all emails you sent, and we’ll delete or provide a copy if we still have one.

Remember! By asking to delete your information from the Game Database, you will no longer be able to see you leaderboards and play online games.

In case you purchased the apps, or digital goods, or services directly from the apps, you will use the Apple App Store payment system, and all your personal data, credit cards and transaction information will be known by Apple only. Our server and Game Database neither receive nor track any information about your purchases, transactions, credit cards or any other payment system provided by the Apple App Store. (See the Service Partners section for details about Apple.)

List of our Service Partners

Our service partners maintain physical, technical and administrative safeguards too.
All Service Partners are GDPR and CCPA compliant
For further information, please have a look at:



Heroku uses a logging system that keeps track of URL requests received from web browsers and apps. Those logs are just kept for a few minutes and do not contain personal information.

The following is an example of a log row collected by Heroku

2018-08-15T16:15:52.254724+00:00 heroku[router]: at=info method=GET path="/" request_id=dc175598-b089-44b5-9cdc-1d737dc69a2c fwd="” dyno=web.2 connect=1ms service=8ms status=200 bytes=4690 protocol=http

In this case, a web browser requested to see the URL of the home page of As you can see, the only non-personal information is the IP address of the URL requester (in this example, the fwd field containing the IP address)

Google AdMob

Apple (GDPR)

Data Protection Officer

The data protection officer for Antonio Ferraioli's apps, website and web-services, is Antonio Ferraioli himself. You can contact him writing to or to Antonio Ferraioli, via Bertodano 10, 13900 Biella, Italy

Policy changes

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time, in which case a notice will be posted on our website. It is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with the latest version of this policy.

Last updated: April 22th, 2019